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People Counting

Our people counting technology is suitable for retailers, shopping malls, event halls, banks, offices, any business, anywhere. Explore more about our industry leading people counting technology and contact our experts for discussing how seamlessly it could be implemented in your environment.

Proximity Marketing

Are your customer loyal users of your cell phone app? If yes, then take your engagement to another level by driving individualized marketing promotions using proximity marketing. With help of beacons, you can learn, analyze, engage as well as drive revenue for the business, while improving your customer experience through high service levels.

Solutions by Function – CEO / CMO / COO

Our solutions have proven improved ROI across core functions such as Operations, Marketing as well as Sales. Explore how our solutions are tailored for your function and business.

Customer Behavior Insights

With advanced technologies such as geo-fencing, floor mapping and integrated analytics, you can know your customer behavior in brick and mortar environment like never before. More than 65% of transactions still are done in brick and mortar environment – you can know your customer as well as in online space with our best-in-class technology.

Analysis and Reporting

Our solutions come equipped with state of the art data collection, analytics and reporting.┬áTake data driven approach to variety of business functions with finer details available captured through our sensors. Learn more about our analysis and reporting package that’s available with our solutions.

Explore our products

All of our solutions utilize hardware products that are capable of sensing technology. Learn more about wide array of products available to choose from to cater to your specific needs based on business requirement and brick and mortar environment you operate in.