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Proximity Marketing

Tailored solutions that allow you to drive localized and personalized promotions

With use of beacon technology, you can gain access to your customers in every step of their journey in your business area. Use this access to drive promotions, share information and better service your customers.

Localized, Proximity Marketing

Adaptive promotions that are
local and based on individual
customer journey.

Floor Mapping

Know your customer journey path
like never before. Beacons give you
loor maps that capture every detail
of customer movement.

Drive Revenue through individualized, local marketing promotions.

Loyalty Programs

Tailor your promotions to invite loyal
customers back and reward them further.
Targeted individualized promotions.

Drive Revenue

Better manage business across
functions to drive incremental
sales and profits.

Do you have an established customer base and a widely used mobile app that your customers use regularly?

If yes, you could take advantage of latest technologies available through Internet of Things that allow capturing of customer dynamics through physical sensing. Our beacon technology will allow you to capture details of your customer journey on the floor through geo-fencing, floor mapping and real time analysis of this information. 

Our beacon technology solutions are for retailers, shopping malls, airports, museums, concert halls, convention centers, almost for any business anywhere.

Studies indicate that IoT is catching attention – estimated 52% retailers would opt for mobile and wireless payments and over 68% would drive loyalty programs.

Use this technology for better business decisions using data driven intelligence.

  • Know the path customers are taking on business floor
  • Target promotions in right areas
  • Drive proximity marketing in localized areas leading to faster checkouts
  • Reward your loyal customers with individualized promotions and tailored offerings
  • And finally, improve customer experience


Mobile Wireless Payments


Loyalty Programs

Internet of Things is Here

New sensing technologies are going pave the way for how businesses interact with customers, humans interact with devices and how we lead our lives. Check out our blogs to see latest in Internet of Things technology and how your business can stay in tune with this developing technology curve.