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People Counting & Analytics

Solution designed to better understand your customer traffic and behavior

Aayuda provides a breakthrough patented technology that allows you to accurately capture details of visitor traffic and behavior. Our experts can help you integrate this technology seamlessly within your IT environment.

People Counting

Best in class hardware and
software technology to accurately
measure traffic on your floor.

Customer Insights

Know your customer like never
before. Provide complete in-store
experience tuned to their behavior.

Competitive Advantage

Know your customers: Give your business an edge over others.

Manage Store Performance

Appropriately staff employees to
meet traffic patterns. Design campaigns
and locate them in right locations.

Drive Revenue

Better manage business across
functions to drive incremental
sales and profits.

Our people counting technology solutions are for retailers, shopping malls, airports, museums, concert halls, convention centers, almost for any business anywhere.

Studies indicate that estimated 71% of retail stores would opt for People Counting technology in 2015 and 52% would opt for Queue Management technologies. 

Use people counting technology for better business decisions using data driven intelligence.

  • Know how many customers visit premises and pattern by hour
  • Calculate sales conversion ratio
  • Compare store performance across your network
  • Manage your staff better to align with traffic patterns
  • And finally, improve customer experience


People Counting


Queue Management

We offer best-in-class technology

People counting using affordable technology is much harder than it appears. Refer below available technologies and their capabilities. Most accurate and capable technology for people counting is stereo video – our products coupled with 3D is the best available technology in industry.